Decorative Lighting

Decorative Security LightingNow you can protect your home or business and make it more attractive

At York Electric Cooperative, we are lighting your way to affordable, durable and attractive exterior security lighting. Our outdoor Decorative Lighting program features a carefully chosen selection of lights that are as practical as they are attractive. All styles feature reliable high-pressure sodium lamps. Whichever style you choose, it will do more than enhance your environment. These lights are carefully designed to provide maximum security for your residential, commercial or neighborhood development property. Please contact our Member Services department at (803) 684-4248, or fill out this form, for information pertaining to rates on basic residential lighting options.

This request form is only for new security lighting requests. To request repairs to an existing security light, please use this form »

Our outdoor Decorative Lighting program provides

  • Affordable, low monthly payments that include installation, maintenance and operating costs
  • A secure, comfortable environment
  • An advanced system that turns itself on and off automatically
  • Architectural styles that will complement any area
  • A selection of several long-life fiberglass pole heights to support any fixtures you choose

And there’s more…

The Engineering Department at York Electric will help you select the right style, lamp type, wattage and pole height to meet your individual needs and provide maximum protection.

Fixture Styles and Rates (all prices per month)

Baxter Style Subdivision Light

Baxter Style Subdivision Light

Nostalgia series decorative style light is manufactured by ZED. It is used by Home Owners Associations and subdivisions only.

  • 175 Watt MH

  • Black in color

  • Mounted on a 15' direct buried black metal pole

  • Monthly amount $44.50

Shoebox Luminaire

Shoebox Luminaire

Ideal for illuminating streets and parking lots. This fixture is a modern blend of style and function.

  • 400 watts HPS/400 watt MH

  • Dark bronze color

  • Mounted on 35' dark bronze fiberglass pole

  • $39.25 with 1 light on pole, $53.75 with 2 lights on pole

Traditional Subdivision Light

Traditional Subdivision Light

This colonial-style fixture complements any neighborhood or office park.

  • 100 watt HPS

  • Black in color

  • Mounted on 18' black fiberglass pole

  • Monthly amount $23.50

Backyard Light

Backyard Light

Ideal for perimeter area lighting.

  • 100 watt HPS Nema Head

  • Mounted on wooden pole

  • Monthly amount $18.00

Ultra-flood Luminaire, 400w

Ultra-flood Luminaire

Lengthen the day in parking lots, stadiums and other outdoor recreational facilities with these high-quality floodlights.

  • 400 watt HPS/400 watt MH

  • $25.50 with 1 light on wooden pole, $41.25 with 2 lights on wooden pole

  • $42.00 with 1 light on fiberglass pole, $57.75 with 2 lights on fiberglass pole

  • Also available in 1000 watt HPS or MH - $37.75 on wooden pole, $49.75 on fiberglass pole

Lighting Options

All lighting installations are underground and all lamps are high-pressure sodium (HPS), the most efficient type of lighting available. Outdoor lighting must meet local lighting codes. Pricing also includes installation, regular maintenance and replacements.

Light Outage Service

If you notice that an outdoor security light installed by York Electric appears to be out or functioning improperly, please notify us immediately by using our online Security Light Outage report form or by calling our Member Services Department at 803-684-4248.

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