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Sky Lights Attic Fan Insulation


  • Check the fit of your attic access door or pull-down stairs. Weather-strip and insulate the door where you can.

  • Insulate the attic space. Insulation can be added as loose fill or from rolls. High efficiency building code standards show "R" value recommendations of R-38-49 in ceilings, R-19 in walls, and R-19-30 over crawl spaces. The "R" value is a measure of how well insulation traps heat.

  • Make sure that your insulation is adequate and has not settled over time.

  • Ventilate the attic space. Homes built long ago may have little ventilation or original vents may have been blocked by later construction. Vents are needed both high and low in the attic space to promote good circulation for proper ventilation.

  • If you're having a new roof installed, consider adding a ridge vent in the process.

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