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Power Partners

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Free, Unlimited, Confidential and Fast Answers to Engineering, Business and Energy Questions

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Free of charge, current York Electric Cooperative commercial and industrial members can use and access the Power Partners service. The Power Partners service includes a Technical and Business “Ask an Expert” Hotline (one-on-one access to engineers and industry & business experts), proprietary information databases & libraries (including benchmark and targeted research tools), and monthly informational and resource-rich Newsletter.

Power Partners will help answer the following types of inquiries (not inclusive of all questions addressed):

  • Finding New Markets/Opportunities
  • Motor Sizing Questions
  • Surge-suppression and other Power Quality Issues
  • Locating Special Equipment
  • OSHA and EPA Regulations
  • Learning about New Welding Procedures
  • Lighting Options for A Parking Lot, Warehouse or Office Building
  • Determining the Size of a Potential New Market Niche

As a commercial or industrial customer of York Electric Cooperative, we invite you to use the Service as if it were part of your own company’s research and information department. We provide the Power Partners at no-cost to you because we believe that if the companies we serve are strong – then we will be strong.

To gain access to or to sign-up for the Service, just point and click