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Energy Audits

Doozy of a find on an energy audit

Doozy of a find on an energy audit

To help you keep the cost of power low, York Electric offers a home energy audit program. At your request, qualified York Electric personnel will visit your home and advise you on improvements that can result in energy and money savings.

This value-added service is provided at no cost to you and can be scheduled to occur at your convenience during normal business hours.

Most of the home energy audits that Brent Clinton (right), York Electric Cooperative’s Key Accounts Representative, does for members focus on “the basics,” such as tight-sealing doors and windows and proper insulation. On a recent audit, however, Clinton went to check the insulation under the house and found an iced-over heat pump, which the member had not noticed. “The auxiliary heat strips were providing all of her home’s heat,” he notes. “That meant some pretty high bills!” Clinton advised her to call an HVAC specialist. The main problem? An unplugged defrost switch.

Energy Use FAQ

Do you have a service that would allow someone to come to a member’s home and give a review of the home and offer advice on how to make the home more efficient and show them how to reduce their bill?

Yes. York Electric offers a free in-home energy audit. All you have to do is call our member services department at 803-684-4248 and tell them you are interesting in scheduling one.

What is the best temperature for heating and cooling?

The ideal setting is 78 degrees for cooling and 65 degrees for heating.

My house is energy efficient. Does York Electric offer a lower rate?

Yes. In order to qualify for York Electric’s Residential All Electric rate, you must have an all electric home and be an individually-metered residential member living in a residence, mobile home, condominium or apartment that meets certain energy efficiency requirements. These requirements apply to heat pumps, water heaters and other factors that affect the energy efficiency of your home. To find out more about qualifying for this special rate, please contact our member services department at 803-684-4248.

Someone said outdoor floodlights were making my bill run higher? Is this possible?

Yes, it can. You can save by using your current spotlights less, converting your current spotlights to 23 watt compact fluorescent spots, and by installing motion sensors so the lights only work when motion is detected.

What can I do about the amount of my bill?

Conserving energy is always a good idea. York Electric has a free 101 low-cost/no-cost home energy savings measures brochure. Visit one of our offices to pick up a copy or download here. Also, visit and take the home tour to learn what actions you can take to save on your energy bill.

Is electricity still a good value?

The value of electricity remains very high. The national cost of electricity today, when adjusted for inflation, is less than what it was in 1980. Very few commodities have remained such a good value. Compared to other consumer products and services, electricity is a bargain.

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