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To better serve our members, York Electric Cooperative (YEC) is implementing a new program in several test areas called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This new technology will help prepare YEC for the electric power industry’s fast-paced technological advancements.

A few specific benefits made available through AMI technology can be found in this series of frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, contact our Member Services Department at (803) 684-4248.

Automated Meter Reading FAQ

What does AMI mean?

YEC has been using AMR, automated meter reading, for many years. AMR allows electric systems to read meters from a remote location. AMI goes a step beyond remote meter reading because it allows two-way communication between the meter and the electric system.

How much will the installation of the AMI meter cost members?

The installation of the new meters will be at no cost to the member. Should we determine the meter base or service equipment is dangerous or faulty during change-out, the member will be notified and asked to call an electrician to make repairs before the new meter will be installed.

Why is York Electric making this change?

The AMI system has numerous member benefits in a variety of areas and will help prepare us for the electric power industry’s fast-paced technological advancement.

What are some of the specific benefits of AMI?

  • Improves outage notification and management process.
  •  Provides additional metering data to better assist members with billing and service questions.
  •  Gives York Electric the capability to provide members with valuable usage information such as consumption patterns, outage and blink count history and voltage information.
  •  Improves meter reading accuracy and provides consistent billing periods. With an AMI system, meters can be automatically set to read on the same day of each month.
  •  Reduces losses by identifying power theft and other problems.

Who will be changing out the meters?

YEC personnel will change out the meters. They will knock on the door of each residence to introduce themselves and inform the residents of the meter change and short service interruption. If the member isn’t home, a door hanger will be left informing the member of the meter change-out.

Will service be interrupted during the meter change-out?

Yes, you will experience a short, normally less than 5-minute disruption of power during the meter change.

How does the new meter work?

The meters receive and store the kilowatt-hour and demand consumption, then transmits this and other data over the power lines to equipment located in one of York Electric’s substations. From the substation, the information is sent to a computer at our headquarters.

What specific information will the new meter provide?

It will record kWh readings, the number of times loss of power has occurred, reverse power flow caused by meter tampering, and the peak usage. It will also record the date and time of power outages.

Will AMI make it easier to detect meter tampering?

Yes, and that’s good news for all York Electric’s members since meter tampering costs thousands of dollars in revenue each year.

Once the AMI system is used to read the meter, can I close in or build anything that may make the meter inaccessible?

No. York Electric requires members to provide and maintain reasonable access to the electric meter. This allows members or co-op personnel to either read or maintain the meter if necessary.

Can anyone other than York Electric read my AMI meter?

No. The AMI computer software is specifically written for York Electric. The substation’s communications equipment is set up by the meter model and serial number. Each meter is added to the system by its serial number and substation location. All other information and data is stored in the meter itself and is secured and sealed.

I have a York Electric lock on my gate; what will happen to it now?

Nothing. YEC still needs access to your property for routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

Will the AMI meter automatically notify York Electric when my power goes out?

No, the AMI meters operate on a polling basis and do not immediately notify the co-op when an outage occurs. When you have an outage or emergency situation, you are encouraged to call us. The AMI meter will help us verify the problem. Call 1-866-374-1234 to report an outage.

What do I do if I think my meter is not working properly?

Contact a Member Services Representative at York Electric by calling 803-684-4248 right away to discuss any billing concerns. The AMI meters have been tested and conform to all applicable standards and regulations.

When did this AMI process begin?

York Electric began installing AMI meters in test areas in January 2011.


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